I dedicate my life to the Arts. Be it acting, making movies, art, music, paintings that generate a beautiful life for myself and others. Inspiring YOU to design & live a phenomenal life now. Life is short & Art is Long. ~Korean quote IMDB

Executive Producer

Executive Producer

The Pow Girl Productions

POW = Predicted Oscar Winners My team has extensive experience in bringing scripts to life. From script to screen it's an artistic collaboration we can all be proud of. I write, direct, dp, edit, act, sing, dance & voice over.

Master N.L.P. Practitioner

Master N.L.P. Practitioner

Whats NU now?

Much of success is just a change in perspective by a mere 1 degree. What's NU is a NeuroUpgrade for your mind. My skills in N.L.P. assist you and your team to produce the results you envision now.



Cali ARTworks

ART exists to move the artist & society to think beyond the realms of space and time. Art heals: as the artist & beholder are transformed in the moment by being conscious to unlimited possibilities. 'Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see Believe me' - Christopher Cross

The Pow Girl Productions


I create value for each project & team I am involved with.  Ultimately, my belief is that when I assist people in becoming successful, I too am a success.  I deliver on what I say, and my goal is to exceed expectations.


The ability to energize any project I am involved with is my specialty. Leadership is about inspiring people to see what is possible amidst the doubts.   I will help your project move to the next levels.


Are you ready to excel?  My master certification in N.L.P (Neuro Linguistic Programming) will guide you to stepping beyond what you may think is possible. This training provides you & your team total congruence with the outcomes of your goals.  Now take the steps to make it happen…it’s even easier than you think. Anything is possible!



Cali was crowned Ms. North Hollywood Elite 2017  on April 9, 2017 at the Historical El Portal Theater – The Miss North Hollywood Pageant, Directed by Amanda Lee of Miss Noho Productions was a stellar performance.

Cali is the Founder of The Pow Girl Productions and RockFashionArt.  Her company is currently producing a sci-fi series, ‘Three Orbs of Light’ – in talks to be a feature film.  She is also writing and producing a slate of projects to be revealed in time.  RockFashionArt = Rock (Musical talents and Stunning Jewelry) Fashion (Anything goes) Art (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder)

Cali’s first television appearance was in a dental commercial when she was in high school.  Then her rising star as an actress began in the 90’s when she was discovered by C.J., a casting director for Shirley Abrams Casting in Dallas, TX. She booked her film debut in dual roles in the Italian film, The Doors of the Unknown. Cali shot on location in Chiavari, Italy in June 2000.

When she returned from Italy, Cali was cast in a Reality TV Pilot, ‘Actors Reel World’ shot on location in Los Angeles. On her off days from the pilot, she worked background jobs.  One day booked as a bailiff on the Ally McBeal television show, she was offered a sweet deal for a guest house she couldn’t refuse, and made the move permanent.  

Cali has starred in a series of films and TV with impressive talents, including Emmy Award winner,  Ed Asner, in ‘The Sand Castle’, Emmy Award winner, Bryan Cranston, and Jim Troesh, in ‘The Hollywood Quad’,  and has appeared in films starring George Takei, Debra Messing, Ben Stiller, Academy Award winners, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. 

You can view many of her projects on her Youtube Channel now.

"'Go without of go within and go beyond'"

Cali T. Rossen

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RECOVERING FROM TRAUMA: FB LIVE this SUNDAY with Sonia Maslovskaya M Powerment …

RECOVERING FROM TRAUMA: FB LIVE this SUNDAY with Sonia Maslovskaya M Powerment Talks and Cali Rossen What’s NU Now. Cali is a Master NLP Practiioner, Time Line Therapist and Reiki II Healer.



Film Review: ‘Bomb City’

Electrifying performances!!!

Film Review: ‘Bomb City’

VARIETY REVIEW – “Bomb City will keep you in its grasp during every moment leading to its climactic violence. And it won’t let go until the closing credits roll.” Thank you Joe Leydon for the amazing review in Variety! Oh, and BOMB CITY DROPS TOMORROW!


I Create Videos & Social Media Feeds!

YOU CAN HIRE ME!!  I have significant experience in Acting, Producing, Hosting, Editing, Copywriting, Master Neurolinguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Reiki II Healing. . .
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