I dedicate my life to the Arts. Be it acting, making movies, art, music, paintings that generate a beautiful life for myself and others. Inspiring YOU to design & live a phenomenal life now. Life is short & Art is Long. ~Korean quote IMDB

The Pow Girl Productions

The Pow Girl Productions

Executive Producer

POW = Predicted Oscar Winners My team has extensive experience in bringing scripts to life. From script to screen it's an artistic collaboration we can all be proud of. I write, direct, dp, edit, act, sing, dance & voice over.

Whats NU

Whats NU

Master N.L.P. Practitioner

Much of success is just a change in perspective by a mere 1 degree. What's NU is a NeuroUpgrade for your mind. My skills in N.L.P. assist you and your team to produce the results you envision now.

Save the Children of Tibet

Save the Children of Tibet

Ambassador - SaveChildrenTibet.com

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama donated 3 acres of land to build Sera Mey to care for Tibetan & Himalayan orphans & refugees. I am committed to making this a reality. Donate now @ www.SaveChildrenTibet.com

The Pow Girl Productions


I create value for each project & team I am involved with.  Ultimately, my belief is that when I assist people in becoming successful, I too am a success.  I deliver on what I say, and my goal is to exceed expectations.


The ability to energize any project I am involved with is my specialty. Leadership is about inspiring people to see what is possible amidst the doubts.   I will help your project move to the next levels.


Are you ready to excel past the next step?  My master certification in N.L.P (Neuro Linguistic Programming) will guide you to stepping beyond what you may think is possible. This training provides you & your team total congruence with the outcomes of your goals.  Now take the steps to make it happen…it’s very simple. Anything is possible!


THE POW GIRL  =  Cali’s rising star as an actress began in the 90’s when she was discovered by C.J., a casting director for Shirley Abrams Casting in Dallas, TX. She booked her film debut in dual roles in the Italian film, The Doors of the Unknown. Cali shot on location in Chiavari, Italy in June 2000.

In 2001 Cali was cast in a Reality TV Pilot, Actors Reel World in Los Angeles. On her off days from the pilot, she worked background jobs & one day booked as a bailiff on the Ally McBeal television show, she was offered a sweet deal for a guest house she couldn’t refuse, and made the move permanent. Once Cali was settled in LA she co-founded a film & music production company & learned much from that experience. She’s produced many film projects & acted in more than 20 films, many television shows, and stage productions. Amongst the films she produced was, The Sand Castle, co-starring multi-Emmy Award winner, Ed Asner, who plays her father.


"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


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From the Blog

EFFEN VODKA Luxury Brand Campaign

Director: Coleman Harmon
Produced by: Motion Hero & The Pow Girl Productions
Starring: Germano Kuertan, Jaswant Shrestha, Destiny Soria,
Amar Taborn & Cali T. Rossen

SPECIAL THANK YOU: Edgar Karoyan, Arriel Jewelry, Arsine Mkrtchyan, Anna Martirosyan, Lisa Gold, Mark Valinsky, Pol Atteu, Garo Kassabian and Idrea Lippman with Lucky You Resale.


Boulevard of Dreams

Boulevard is a passage. . .and Hollywood Boulevard is an entrance to My Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Picture dreams.  As I type it’s 3:52 am…late or early depending on your rendition.  My mind is swirling with reflections of the past, gifts of the present and aspirations for the future.  Conversing with my impulsive mind to center my loyal champion guide to shepherd me in the direction of my dreams.  My dream of generating a living as an actress, artist and producer – Today is a new day!  I am fortunate to have several appointments scheduled today on this boulevard. . .An entertainment company, shoe designer, fashion magazine, clothing line and a fashion show in the evening in Beverly Hills. #BoulevardOfDreams #HollywoodBlvd #EntranceToDreamsFulfilled


The Book of Negroes

An epic evening to say the least!  Powerfully scribed novel by Writer Lawrence Hill turned epic miniseries Co-Written & Directed by Clement Virgo from the collaborations of BET & CFC. We got a peek at this extraordinary series @ the Pacific Design Center lastnite.
Stars Aunjanue EllisLyriq BentLouis Gossett Jr. and many others.
Kidnapped in Africa and subsequently enslaved in South Carolina, Aminata must navigate a revolution in New York, isolation in Nova Scotia and treacherous jungles of Sierra Leone, in an attempt to secure her freedom in the 19th century.

A Slice of Life Film

Art Center of Design Director Joel Bryant cast me as Gwen in his Thriller Noir. . .set in the 50’s.
My Co-Star Joseph Price is riveting.
10403083_1020605801300653_543100078557075528_n 2015-04-07 23.29.45-3

MICHAEL Feature Film

Filming the role of Abigail in the psychological thriller MICHAEL

Ven Photography Shoots

Magestic day on El Matador Beach, Malibu
11059855_10153330485396458_4940962509085912184_n 11064280_1021288814565685_6080169869940912331_o
Grand Park Downtown Los Angeles

11140260_10153303077136458_4690948796250750281_n2015-04-20 20.25.57

I Create Videos & Social Media Feeds!

HIRE ME!!  I have significant experience in creating
corporate marketing tools that make a real impact on your bottom line!
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