THE TABLE Documentary

Hello Friends, Fans & Colleagues,
Join us tonite for the screening of Ana Barredo’s THE TABLE documentary at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood!!! Starts @ 7pm. . .and it’s FREE!!! Come out for a fun nite of networking, drinking, eating & being merry* I’ve got a cameo in the film as myself! Ana Barredo filmmaker was on the set of Homecoming, so I’m dressed as Crystal Hadley, but not in character. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working on many films & projects with the members of THE TABLE: The Hollywood Quad, Homecoming, Burden of Esteem, Oblivious, Star Trek NV World Enough & Time, Magic Time Radio Show & Twilight Zone audio commentaries.

The private screening was held at the Cecile B. Demille Theatre:

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Actress Cali Rossen attends An Evening with Angels 2  with Co-Founders Sheila E & Lynn Mabry July 25, 2010

Boyle Heights Tech Youth Center 4th Annual Community Awards
May 28, 2010 – Los Angeles, CA, USA

Stephane Tourne
– photographer*

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