Blast & Whisper Feature Film

BLAST & WHISPER was brilliantly Directed, Written & Produced by Mark Breadwin Moran, of Breadwin Productions.  To top that off Mark is also a talented musician/composer.

Cali T. Rossen had the priviledge of meeting Mark on the Star Trek NV: World Enough & Time shoot in Ticonderoga, NY in 2006.  They’ve remained good friends over the years because of the bonds that were created during that 10 day period. Cali talks about what unfolded during their time on this adventure in NY in the Making of Blast & Whisper Documentary.

Mark lives on the east coast with his beautiful family, and when he called & invited Cali to participate in “The Making of Blast & Whisper” she said absolutely! This documentary was shot in Los Angeles, CA Nov. 2010.

More about film:  BLAST & WHISPER and IMDB

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Despite the magnificent success of The Passion of the Christ, movies based on the bible still tend to face stiff resistance that many other productions happily are spared. Director Mark Moran, along with his cast and crew of die-hards including Libertad Green, AJ Faraj, and Dan Fiehtner, set out to adapt the story of Elijah from the Old Testament of the Bible. The result was ‘Blast and Whisper’, AKA The Story of Elijah, shot in HD on the Panasonic AG-HVX200 (same camera as Cloverfield, minus the spastic camera shakes). The Making of ‘Blast and Whisper’ chronicles the far-reaching need for this movie, the challenges and triumphs of Mark Moran in his journey from bible to screenplay to feature film, and the fascinating anecdotes of cast and crew. The Making of ‘Blast and Whisper’ includes behind-the-scenes footage and a series of fascinating interviews that establish not only the power of the Blast and Whisper motion picture but also the credibility of the Breadwin Productions team who put the entire puzzle together. Written by Anonymous