Tanger Morocco

Chris & I arrived in Tanger on June 2, 2011 to the gracious hospitality of Alma & Tarik. We were driven to the Hotel Continental to settle in for a few hours.  That evening we were warmly greeted in their enchanting home in the Kasbah filled with family & friends.  The next day was a day with the ladies. . .the steaming hammam, tasty foods, magical music, belly dancing & henna drawings sprinkled with glitter.  A & T were wed lastnite, June 4th & we all celebrated with them at a restaurant in the Kasbah. Extraordinary company from all over the world* The photo is of the Hotel Continental where we’ve been staying with a breathtaking view of the sea.
We arrive in Tunis Tunisia June 10th to begin filming THE LOCKER’S HEART, Director Ghazi Gafsi.  A story of intrigue, torture & most importantly. . .a strong heart.  Stay tuned.