3 ORBS OF LIGHT Episode 1 Trailer, Behind the scenes & Stills


In the year 2020, three powerful orbs of energy “mental, physical, and spiritual” were the main sources of existence for the planet earth. They not only supplied power but also kept the human energy forces balanced and aligned.  The location of the orbs were a common mystery.
Legend has it that a powerful warrior woman known as Rouge was the true protector and had been protecting the orbs since their conception. She was a folklore to many but to those who knew and depended on her,
she was a loyal and fearless defender of good. Times are dark on the planet and a group of rebels have formed to end the earth as we know it. Their mission is to find and control the Orbs for themselves, disturbing the balance between good and evil once and for all in order to achieve total dominance over the world. But first they must find the orbs and conquer Rouge and her fellow brothers and sisters of light. Known to the people as the Protectors.