DGA Awards 2012

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This is how I was invited to this gloriously glamorous evening.  I directed & edited a few promotional trailers for Gary Shusett’s with him & Christine Owens. 

When I first arrived in the Grand Ballroom entry way, there was an attendant checking coats. I had mine over my left arm as I entered, you never know when you’ll get a chill…so I kept it with me.  There were many servers strolling thru the crowd carrying silver trays of cocktails, some with flutes of champagne & others with pineapple vodka concoctions in a short V shaped glass.  I chose a champagne flute & mingled with the beautiful guests.

The doors opened to begin seating guests at their assigned tables. My table was 109, and we had a group of ten seated together. In the photo’s in the gallery above, I’m seated with Director Marty Elcan & Writer Randy Carr. Before anyone took to their seats people began circulating the grand room and introducing eachother.  

Randy Carr was such a gentleman for accompanying me thru this crowd of accomplished players presenting me to; the mesmerizing Jean Dujardin, star of THE ARTIST, and this years recipient of a Golden Globe for Comedy/Musical and a SAG Best Actor Award, and then to the enchanting & cajoling George Clooney, he needs no introduction, who also received a Golden Globe this year for his dramatic performance in THE DESCENDANTS.  Jean Dujardin was extremely charming,  spoke English very well, and had a translator nearby just in case.  George Clooney was so warm and such a delight to meet, I told him I hope to work with him in the future, and shook his hand goodbye since we were being alerted the awards show was about to begin. . .

More to come…videos of some of the awards to share, and meeting Producer Harvey Weinstein, Director Alexander Payne, and Actor & Host of the DGA Awards Kelsey Grammer.