Charitable Endowment Support Spokesperson

I’m a spokesperson for CES7, because I’m committed to making a positive impact in the lives of under privileged children.  There was a day I remember so vividly when I was about 10 years old (5th grade). I walked home from school that day and when I arrived at our side door to the house there were several bags of groceries sitting on the steps.  There was no note….I realized an Angel had brought them for us.  From that moment on I hoped one day I too would be an Angel for some child.  That day has come, and my husband too is an Angel for children, along with the team at

This past Saturday night, September 22, 2012 was the first annual dinner and dance for Charitable Endowment Support.  Founder & President Charles E. Santacrose and VP Yolanda Abaca shared about their vision for building their first orphanage in Cebu, Philippines.
A generous couple Bernadette & David Mohr donated the land that it will be built upon.
I created the promo video below to introduce myself to the guests at the event, and share‘s plans for the future.