A dream come true. . .

My bedroom walls in high school were jazzed up with oodles of pages from luxury & glamour magazines. . .the sheets covered the dull cream colored walls like wallpaper; with every inch of space decorated with some sort of element of art, beauty, or fashion.  The images below bring me back to this time of fancy in my life when
I dreamed of being among the models photographed in these publications.

A dream come true…  The photoshoot below is from the latest luxury brand, LUXTRADA.
Designer Penn Cai created and patented the Bikini Sandal, and Co-Founded the LUXTRADA Company with Eric Williams.

Amidst my direction is gracing the covers of major magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, Bazaar, Forbes, Marie Claire, etc. . .
let’s see what the Universe has in store. #LivingMyDreams #ADreamComeTrue #WorkHardPlayHard #Luxtrada #WorldClass #HollywoodBlvd #WalkOfFame #BoulevardOfDreams