In this wacky film The Handshake, Cali plays  an 8 months along pregnant wife,  who is going up in an elevator to meet her husband when an earthquake jolts her. Sally’s husband is on the 3rd floor & runs to the elevator door & hears Sally screaming she’s in labor. Her husband yells out I wish I could trade places with you. . .when another earth quake hits & he bumps his head. When her husband comes to. . .he’s in the elevator in her clothes in the middle of labor. . .Sally is now on the other side of the elevator in his clothes waking up from the bump on her husbands head. . .This film is a hilarious production created by Gus Diaz.  Gus & Cali have collaborated on several projects. The Transport, Don’t Advertise & The Handshake.

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